Celebrating the heritage of Raleigh

Heritage of Raleigh

Raleigh has been spreading the joy of cycling since 1887 when Frank Bowden founded the company and began to grow a cycling empire of joyriders. By the 1920s, Raleigh was a world leader in bicycles, producing 100,000 a year.

Perhaps Raleigh’s most celebrated era though, is the 1970s and ‘80s. A time which saw the release of such icons as the Chopper, the Burners, Grifters, the Vektar, and the TI. Everyone has their favourite, and we all remember a time when playin’ out was more fun on two wheels (and sometimes even one!).

The Hall of Fame

Take a trip down memory lane, can you spot that Chopper you had back in the day? Or perhaps the Burner you desperately wanted? Submit your favourite Raleigh memories to be featured in the Raleigh Hall of Fame.

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